AI Hackathon


Southeast Asia Hackathon

Nov 16th-18th, 2018 | Iskandar Space

Make ideas come to life in 48 hours!

A.I.CKATHON is the signature Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hackathon in Malaysia. Its a 48-hour student-oriented hackathon organized by the University of Malaya.

Last year, we have brought together student from 20 universities in Malaysia to work and develop ideas in a competitive environment. This year, we aim to bring 60 teams students and tech enthusiasts together from various local universities and also universities around the regions of Southast Asia (SEA) to learn about the current state of the art in Artificial Intelligence and how it will disrupt Smart Retail and Smart City, and its future. We provide awesome venue, prizes, food and mentorship throughout the entire 48-hour event. All you need to do is come and create cool things together!

Come and join over students from the region of SEA hacking together during a weekend to make something amazing!

A.I.CKATHON 2018 Schedule

Day 1

 4.00 PM Registration and Check-In
 6.00 PM Dinner (food provided)
 7.00 PM Opening Ceremony
 8.00 PM API Introduction and Demo
 8.30 PM Hacking Starts!
10.00 PM Sharing Talk 1 (TBA)
11.00 PM Midnight Free Flow Snacks to feed your tummy and brain

Day 2

 7.00 AM Breakfast
10.00 AM Sharing Talk 2 (TBA)
12.00 PM Lunch
 3.00 PM Sharing Talk 3 (TBA)
 6.00 PM Dinner
 8.00 PM Pitching Workshop
11.00 PM Midnight Free Flow Snacks to feed your tummy and brain

Day 3

 7.00 AM Breakfast
 9.00 AM Hacking Ends
 9.30 PM Judging Round 1
12.30 PM Lunch
 1.30 PM Judging Round 2 (Final Perfect Pitch)
 3.00 PM Closing and Announcing Winners!
 4.00 PM Networking and End

Where is  A.I.CKATHON?


Johor, Malaysia

The largest coworking community and the most active grass-root entrepreneurship centre in Iskandar Malaysia.

The 8000 square feet co-working space is set to be ideal for hackers to gather and hack.

Frequently Asked Questions


A.I.CKATHON SEA​ ​aims to bring the growing power of AI to students and tech enthusiasts by promoting the latest tools and technologies for AI development, while boosting the academic and industrial AI mentorship. Last year we organized FaceHack, bringing 100 students from 20 local universities in Malaysia to hack on facial recognition technology. This year we bring it to SEA level because we are ambitious!

What are the rules for formation of team?

Team should consist of 3-5 students, and the entire project must be built during this three days. You are not allowed to use your project under development as this hackathon project. We encourage you to balanced, bias-free team - made up of AI & Data techies, designers and business development people. More details will be announced soon.

Who can attend A.I.CKATHON SEA?

To attend as a hacker, you need to be a university student in Southeast Asia region. Strictly for students only. We will need to check your student ID for verification. We genuinely welcome experienced hackathon hackers and expert in industry to join our mentor team. Please email us at

Who owns my IP rights, code, idea?

You own all the rights to your intellectual property. We won't claim any right over anything made during this event. However, as part of your participation, you agree to grant Organizer the right to display your project online and in any media.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! A.I.CKATHON is free for all accepted hackers. We will provide you WIFI, meals and beautiful workspace!

When and where can I apply?

Application details will be revealed soon, so keep an eye on our website and follow our social media channels to be in know!

What if i have more questions?

Message us on Facebook

Tweet to us @aickathon

Or contact us by email

We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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